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Man, I’m in a rut. I can’t do my work for some reason. I’m suffering from major procrastination and if I don’t do anything this weekend then I’m in the poo.

It took me like 10 weeks of school to notice there’s a hot girl in my Broadcast Workshop class. Ten weeks! No wonder some people think I’m gay. I suppose my excuse is that she is quiet and shy. Or that my job in this course consists of being stuck in a little room with two girls who tickle me. Its tough work I tell you.

My script pitch for the King Lear 4 minute drama got over well. I had virtually the whole class asking to be in my group (sign: please do not feed the ego…much). This is partly because I’m brilliant and partly because 90% of the other scripts were shit beyond belief. There were some interesting pitches I must say. And by interesting, I mean really stupid. I remember one guy in particular. He wanted to produce a 4 minute drama about journalists in Iraq. His angle was that they are the unsung heroes in a war that no one cared about.

Me: Wait…you think no one cared about the war in Iraq?
Guy: No.
Me: What about the protest rallies? France and Germany? UN?
Guy: What are you getting at?

Even better, someone asked him how they were going to recreate a war scene in Baghdad on a student budget ($0).

Guy: We’ll shoot it at the beach.

It’s genius I tell you. I was just thinking how much the beach in my area looks like a war-torn Arabic city with the population of Sydney.

This other guy had a pitch for a drama where a 14 year old girl loses her virginity to her Uncle. This was okay, but then when he talked about how it would be shot, it became apparent he was GLAMORIZING this and he was describing what a beautiful thing this was. No actual mention of any conflict from the girl being fucked by her dad’s brother. Nope. No problems at all there. This guy is a ‘mature student’ who I’m guessing is like 40 years old. Yuck.

My fat friend Gerald gave a fantastic pitch for a ghost story. A dude dies in a car crash and calls his girlfriend back from the dead. After the conversation, the girl realises the phone is unplugged!!! Now THAT’S going the extra mile. I mean, shit, anyone can come back from the dead and make a phone call, but on a phone that’s unplugged? That’s DRAMA, baby.

This guy had a murder story where the murderer is a girl called Redrum (murder backwards…geddit?). Sigh…

There’s probably more but I can’t remember them off the top of my head.

So, for the next couple of weeks I have to write out the script for my modernized black King Lear. I’m finally going to get to use “Life ain’t nothin’ but bitches and money…” in my classwork

Speaking of the site, I know I haven’t updated in ages but I will get back in to it next Monday. I just needed a break from updating and stuff.

What happened to Justin’s site?

Sam recommended Fields of Athenry by the Dropkick Murphys and hot damn, I can’t get the song out of my head. Best Anti English Song Ever. The song is about “rebellion against the crown” and all that good stuff. I’m guessing the song is a bajillion years old and its about a guy called Michael in Ireland who steals some potatoes for some kids during the famine and the English arrest his ass and seperate him from his wife and kid. It really makes you want to go and beat seven shades of shit out of the nearest English guy you can find. I feel bad for the English that way, I really do. All their enemies made such good anti-English material (Braveheart etc). America would be in serious shit if the Terrorists could make catchy songs about the evils of Imperialism. Here’s the chorus and hopefully it’ll pique your interest enough to download it. I recommend the Dropkick Murphys version although a whole bunch of bands have covered this song.

Lo, lie, the fields of Athenry
Where once we watched the small free bird fly.
Our love was on a wing,
We had dreams and songs to sing.
It’s so lonely around the fields of Athenry…

good stuff.

And Mike was on the money with The Weakerthans. Very nice stuff. Go download a song. And while I’m on music, go download some Majesticons (Prom Party is a good start). We really need to get a music thread going in the forum.

I recently upgraded to the latest version of Kazaa Lite. I recommend you do the same. Much quicker, no worms or viruses on your computer and all sorts of benefits.

Did anyone catch the series finale of Dawsons Creek? Joey picks Pacey over Dawson What the fuck is that? Dawson and his huge-ass forehead is MUCH cooler than Pacey. The compensation is that Dawson makes it big in Hollywood making a tv show about their lives called The Creek and he gets a phone call from Steven Spielberg in the last scene. Oh, and Jen becomes a single mom and dies.

I rented The Lord of the Rings cartoon. It’s pretty funny (unintentionally). All the hobbits act VERY gay and Frodo seems stoned out of his mind. Remember in the film version how much he freaks out when he finds out that the Ring Wraiths are coming to The Shire to look for ‘Baggins’? In this one he just stands there and doesn’t say shit when Gandalf tells him. Gandalf has to remind him ‘…this means you have to leave The Shire, man’ and Frodo is like ‘oh………..okay’.

The Hulk Up program has gone for 1 week now. I eat a lot of meat and egg now. I’ll weigh myself today to find out whether this Giant Mega Mass 5000 is doing its job or not.

Have a good weekend. And good luck to Matt with the exams.

Posted by Edo @ 08:14 PM AST [Link] [3 comments]

Replies: 3 comments

Thanks Edo

Posted by Matt @ 05/17/2003 03:19 AM AST

yeah for some reason its down right now. i think there are other sites you can get it though. go to google and type “kazaa lite”

Posted by Edo @ 05/17/2003 01:25 AM AST

I tried the link and it didn’t work

Posted by Dee @ 05/16/2003 11:47 PM AST

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