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Random Bollocks

When i got back from Australia and went back to work, I missed a lot in that month including a robbery and the firing of two people. Meaning that i get all the hours.

One of my buddies lost his finger the other day when he was at work. His right index finger. Scary.

Must go with Sam in this football debate. I am very much biased towards england though. Its funny how he just starts heated debates and arguments so naturally.

Watching the england game at edo’s place was a laugh as we were focused well on the game and as soon as edo turns his head and grabs a beer. I am cheering on Smelly Sol’s bullet header.

Most of the time in Perth was spent:
1. Eating well
2. Playing winning eleven 4, halo and monkey ball
3. Watching World Cup
4. Sightseeing
5. Walking

I also learnt how to do the laundry.

So a pretty average holiday really. Next on the list is Thailand, Egypt and England/Scotland.

Posted by Pat @ 06:16 AM AST [Link]

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I missed both those fucking goals. It was so rude. I was getting a beer from the fridge for the first goal and I was getting a beer for the second goal. Notice a trend?

Posted by Edo @ 07/25/2002 04:49 PM AST

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