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I wanna read good news, good news

…I wanna be innocent again.
I wanna read good news, good news
But nothing good is happening…

Apologies for the emo band quote, but it fits.

quick rundown:

2 weeks ago I got in a car accident. Nothing major, some guy cut me off, I ran into the side of him. Broke the fuck outta my car, but the insurance is handling it. (I have learnt more about filing an insurance claim in the past 2 weeks than I ever thought I would.)

I get my car back from the shop tomorrow.

Anyway, last week me and my buddy Adam went to see Dropkick Murphys in LA. First off, we got lost, and spent an hour looking for the show. So we missed half of the Ducky Boys’ set. The beer was too overpriced, as was the merch.
Blood for blood were next and they were fucking awesome. Come on, everbody sing it….:
“you were so common you were so cheap, another coke snorting slut from the barroom scene…”


Anyway, dropkick were amazing, they played a lot off Blackout, which is cool, as well as a SICK cover of “Teenage Wasteland”
A FUCKING MAZING. If anyone can find a copy of this anywhere, let me know.

So we leave the show, and are driving down Western Blvd, and there is a crime scene on the corner of Western and Victoria. Somone has been shot and there is a big pool of blood and lots of cops and police tape and shit. Anyway, the guy behind us is obviously gawking at it, and runs straight the fuck into the back of us when we stop at the red light. 25 miles an hour.
Me and Adam are thrown all over the place. Not cool.
Needless to say, I now have 2 insurance claims going on. The second one I am filing a claim for damages because I am hella-beat up over it. My back and left knee are fucked. (knee went into the dashboard.)
I have to go to physical therapy, and my doctor has prescribed me painkillers, but they are not Vicadin. DAMMIT! I want Vicadin. Vicadin have street value!

I met with my attorney today, she was very nice.

I went to band practice last night, and couldn’t life my amp off the floor. Not cool.

On the up side, I am seeing Story Of The Year this thursday, and then NOFX, Alkaline Trio (who I LOVE), Authority Zero and Jello Biafra on the punk voter tour the week after. Hot shit.

Speaking of music, anyone who is into dark guitar rock, like the Alkaline Trio/thursday/etc should check out the new album from Bayside. Just signed to victory. Fucking awesome. You can get some song samples here.

My album of the month for sure (though I haven’t listened to the new Descendents album yet, so that might be in contention)

What did people think of the new Living End album…I kinda liked it, in a very poppy way.

I will leave you with a lyric from one of my songs called Farewell, Goodnight
“cigarette smoke drifts from my lips. Lips that used to kiss you, lips that used to piss you off…”

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