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How Did You Feel?

You know when your younger and you go shopping with the parents and you decide that your gonna come outta the shop with “somthing” new? Well, i realize today that that doesnt actually stop throughout life… no i’m not talking about the new edition He-man toys (although that would be awesome too).

So here’s the story (there is lots to tell).. i was at JIS today for what is known as a “Football Funday”… basically its a school carnival thingy, so i decided to go along and see my friends play football. Apart from the rain, it was good fun and much was revieled. I had around 10 people come up to me and go “hey Matt how you doing? its been ages!” … sadly, i knew not who these 10 people were so kinda said “… um hey, yea… we had some good times…HOLY SHIT LOOK OVER THERE!” … thats where i ran away to avoid the embarrassing situation which would undoubtably follow.

Anyway back to the purpose of the story… I soon lay eyes apon it, what i must have. Her. It must be so… so i attempted macking on to her and achieved somewhat limited success. Although i am in possesion of her number!! It will come… it will come (repeated twice for dramatic effect).

So moving on through the day, i thought i’d sit down with some friends and eat some food.. there we were chatting away when some guy a vagely know turns around and asks if he could take a picture of me for his friend… his friends being some ridiculously hot girl sitting opposite him. I felt like a movie star! i should have asked if she wanted me to sign it… but then i thought i’d better take my head outta my ass.

It was quite amusing actually… today i saw someone who look exactly like Sam excpet with ginger hair.. i was so excited, “look that guy looks like sam!!” until i realized that no one knew who i was talking about… i felt lonely.

So i got back home and watched Schumi win his 6th Formula 1 drivers title!! (Happyness again!). and then plotted ways in which the girl from earlier would be mine… *sinister plotting look*

So thats where i’m up to. What did you do today?


Posted by Matt @ 05:09 PM AST [Link] [8 comments]

Replies: 8 comments

Ah, good old Brunei gossip.

*goes back to knitting*

Posted by Edo @ 10/17/2003 05:03 PM AST

she probably was. there were no other hot-guys-not-in-JIS at the football funday thingy? haha.

Posted by Faten @ 10/17/2003 12:32 PM AST

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. I just made that assumption.

Posted by Edo @ 10/17/2003 10:10 AM AST

she was talking bout me?

wow! i feel superstar!


Posted by Matt @ 10/17/2003 08:16 AM AST

haha Edo that’s Chloe’s post on Zara’s blog eh? I had no idea who the hell the girls were talking about; ‘the HOT guy’ until you posted that here! And hey Matt I think I saw you, but I can’t be too sure. The little square picture next to your blog isn’t too good an indicator of what you should look like in real life 😛

Posted by Faten @ 10/17/2003 12:00 AM AST

superstar. heehee.

Posted by angie @ 10/13/2003 06:53 PM AST

By an annonymous girl from another site:

“football funday was brilliant…

most of my time was spent at the sidelines with my loyal purple feather duster serving as an impromptu cheerleading pompom [as opposed to actually going out and getting “proper” pompoms, at shops…do they SELL those things in shops??] …

finally got a look at some guy that people are always going on about, so that was one little satisfaction”

Posted by Edo @ 10/12/2003 09:11 PM AST

I would laugh if any of those dudes who said hello to you read this site.

Good luck with the mackin’. Persistence pays off.

Posted by Edo @ 10/12/2003 05:13 PM AST

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