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Been A While

Been a bit slack with updating recently. I just fell out the habit with the work load from the last few weeks. This is me trying to get back in to it.

Not really sure how this will turn out as I’m nursing a bit of a hangover and I’m a bit cooked from sunburn. And Kolitha is watching World’s Best Sports Injuries on tv as well so it’s a bit hard to concentrate.

Every day of this week seems the same. I’ve been going to a different uni film screening in the morning, getting drunk from midday, feeling the effects in the evening and then spending the night chatting to Jen. I think I’m logging in an average of 4 hours a night with that girl. A quick bit of research together and we worked out that we’re averaging something closer to 6 and the days we drop to 4 are making allowances for 2,000 word emails to each other. In total, over the last week we’re looking at around 30 hours of MSN, 20,000 words of emailing and one 3 hour phone call. Groovy.

You may well ask what we talk about. Well, it’s a secret.

So I went and saw Matrix Revolutions with Kolitha, Dan and Chef. I thought the movie was a bomb and read similarly hostile reports when I got home and went online (nerdish, I know). I think I might revisit the film a few months from now when I’m not filthy at it for sucking and maybe it won’t be as bad as I initially thought or I will pick up *some* redeeming features.

Return of the King trailer was awesome on the big screen though.

Friend of mine is cutting herself to relieve stress. Thats not very good. Not sure what to do about it though.

Want to know something weird? Diana hooked up with Bryan Adams (shudders). Bryan Adams hooked up with Tara-Palmer Tompkinson. She deflowered Prince William. So Prince William hooked up with someone who hooked up with a guy who tapped his mom. That’s far too few degrees of seperation for comfort there.

Man, I am drawing a serious blank for what to write. Maybe I should

Posted by Edo @ 11:57 PM AST [Link] [4 comments]

Replies: 4 comments

honestly, i HATED reloaded.. i thought it was awful, so my expectations for revolutions was next to nothing… there for i was satisfied with revolutions cause i knew it was gonna suck.. but it didnt suck as much as i originally planned. make sence?

Posted by Matt @ 11/09/2003 09:50 AM AST

revolutions wasn’t so bad. just not very good either. kinda dissapointing. but since the second on was aswell i half expected it to be.

Posted by mike @ 11/09/2003 08:19 AM AST

Maybe you should what Edo? 🙂

Posted by Dan @ 11/09/2003 01:37 AM AST

Matrix Revolutions was confusing. By the end of the movie I was completely and hopelessly lost. That is all.

Posted by Faten @ 11/08/2003 08:06 PM AST

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