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Masculine Spectacle

Film theory is the topic of the month.

“The spectacle of the masculine form is further problematised regarding the homoerotic nature of the male star being the object of the active/male gaze. It is not clear whether the erotic objectificaton of the male form can simply be disavowed by the ritualising of the body through sadism or mutilation. Indeed, it is also not clear whether the purpose of these sadistic techniques is to disincline the viewer from erotic consideration of the masculine form.”

This and about 2900 other words is what I’ve written for my Film Theory essay on the notions of masculinity in Hollywood. I had just read the following passage out of context, and it seemed bizzare. Psychoanalysis of film seemed just as bizzare when I first started the unit, but it’s all starting to make sense now. I’m actually quite pleased. It means I’m making progress.

Of course, when you’re asked to write an assignment on a certain topic, spend enough time on it and you can’t help but make sense of it.

In other news Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children is going to be a 60-minute DVD thats coming out in 2004.

They had better do it properly this time.

Posted by Dan @ 01:44 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

Really? Ha! That’s great. Action stars are so used.

Posted by Dan @ 10/12/2003 03:45 PM AST

Jeanne Claude Van Damme’s current contract states he must have a sex scene in all his films.

Posted by Edo @ 10/12/2003 03:05 PM AST

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