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Pretty random post really

Man, my workout has gone down the crapper again. I haven’t done any exercise in like 2 weeks. Bah.

I saw The Hulk with Mcgee yesterday. I thought it was out today but it was just holiday disorientation and me not knowing what day of the week it was. It’s a pretty goddamed slow movie I must say. That said, there is an eventual payoff to all this as a lot of shit happens by the end of the movie but around the 50 minute mark I was questioning if it was really going anywhere. But then Hulk fought Evil Hulk Poodle and everything was rosy from there on out. I dig the stretchy purple pants. And the ‘comic panel’ transitions were neat. *** stars from me.

We spent the next six hours in a cafe talking about real important stuff. This dude Josh joined us and Mcgee and Josh tried nutting out their script for their drama assignment next semester. They didn’t get very far. Got soaked in the rain going back to Mcgees house. The whole point of going there was to work on this script but then Josh had to leave like straight away so that was kinda fruitless. Ended up me and Mcgee watching Buffy DVDs while the rest of the housemates stuck their heads in the room occasionally to say hello and call us desperately sad for being big in to the Buffy. Mcgee’s sweet like that. She gets upset when Willow gets hurt in Season Two. SEASON TWO. She knows she will be okay but just gets caught up in the moment.

This is my last weekend in Perth before the holiday. And I have a few things to take care of. I need to try and juggle seeing a bunch of people. And I want to smooth things over with Polly after we had another fight and left things off in a pretty abysmal state.

Angela, email me your phone number.

A big splurge of DVDs just came out yesterday. And I resisting temptation to buy any of them as I can pick them up in Brunei in a week for like a fraction of the cost. Good old bootlegs.

Have a good weekend.

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I must agree with you review of The Hulk. The acting was good and it had a story (although, it didn’t follow the comic book at all, really… except a big green guy). But, there was just a little too much story and not enough smashing. I’m sure the Hulk 2 will be better now that they have all the background shite out of the way.

Posted by DJ Decepticon @ 06/28/2003 02:06 AM AST

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