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Burning streets

Hey there. It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Work on Spy Magazine Part Deux and the new FAT website project will commence soon.

Speaking of work, I’m still looking for it here in sunny Melbourne. I’m feeling a little sheepish wandering around with my little piece of paper that reads Mass Comm graduate. Maybe I should’ve taken accounting or something a little more practical. Still, the job hunt goes on unabated.

Meanwhile, the rest of my time is spent learning new dishes in the kitchen from Erin and recording songs with Mike and Matt. We’ve laid down four tracks now. We’ll post another one online soon and depending on my mood it’ll probably be either I Can See Clearly or You Suck.

The thing I’m looking forward to most this week, is the week ending. Next Monday, my special lady Jenni arrives from Melbourne with her friends. I can’t wait to see her.

Incidentally, she recently gave her site an overhaul too so go check out Heavenly Angels some time. It’s got a Kill Bill theme going on.

I don’t know if the stars just happen to be aligned right at the moment but doesn’t every single person on the Spy Mag staff have a partner or is romantically linked to someone? That’s pretty good.

Last night I had my first experience of network gaming. Thats right. For a big fat game geek such as myself, I had never experienced the thrill of LAN networked gaming goodness until last night. Mike, Matt and myself played Neverwinter Nights at home last night. Mike installed the game and the appropriate patches on the computer which took the better part of half a day. Then, we made our own custom characters. Then we went in to the game. You have to go shopping and buy a sword, a shield, something to wear and a hat. Then you go to this Level Up Goblin and talk to him and he gives you experience points. Then you press ‘Level Up’ about 11 times until you are strong enough to slay the dragon. Then Mike’s computer crashed so he had to start this process again. Then when he got back in, Matt’s computer crashed and he had to start this process again. Then Mike got a call from Erin so he had to go for a while. Then Matt got a call from Erin. Then I got a call from Jen. Then Matt started watching the Millwall Sunderland FA Cup semi-final match.

This experience has inspired me to start writing rants again on the main, the first of which I will post soon. The topic will be something along the lines of rhetorically asking why people like really stupid games.

Big Brother comes back on tv soon.

I watch less tv these days.

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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.


  1. lol @ network gaming. Melbourne with you guys was indeed good times.

  2. I don’t remember playing Neverwinter Nights with you guys at all 0_o

    And I also can’t believe its been seven years since the Melbourne days. Jesus Christ.

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