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There’s this guy at school who’s a little bit different. There’s no obvious disability but I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with him. I think he’s from India and he’s probably 17 or so but he dresses like a grown man and has a haircut like Bob Martin and the very strange thing about him is that he talks to people about the same, random things over and over and thinks it hilarious. And once he learns your name, he’ll use it five times in one sentence. And I’m not exaggerating for effect. In the mornings I’ll go in to school and he’ll be waiting to intercept me in the corridor. My last three mornings have gone something like this:

Boy: Hi Erin! Erin, so Erin, did you have a good night Erin? Erin, do you like cricket Erin?
Me: Not really Anise (for the one millionth time)
Boy: Really Erin? Oh… But did you hear about the cricket between India and Pakistan Erin? Erin, did you know that there’s been a war in Pakistan? You know how they’ve been fighting and there was one guy that was killed with a razor? Yeah *laughs* some guy got killed with a razor Erin, isn’t that silly Erin?

You can just see his mind turning over going, ‘what can I talk about next to stop this person from going away??!’ Other conversation topics include ‘Wheel a fortune’ which usually comes out when he’s in a good mood “And then he said *laughs* can I have an I for Irene? *laughs*” I’m yet to understand the joke but apparently it’s been going on for years so I figure there’s not much hope.

Although everyone humours him, I don’t think he really has any friends. I try to be nice to him. I usually have a bit of a chat with him, it’s sad that he seems to be so desperate for human interaction. But now it’s going a bit too far. I’ve seen him outside my car a couple of times now and he’s taken to yelling out to me from the other side of the schoolyard. What’s more, he’s named one of his chickens after me. He has three chickens, one of them is called Laura Croft, one is called Jean Pierre and the other is just Erin (I don’t think he knows my last name yet and I really hope he doesn’t know where I live.)

We ran our first session of ‘Drama Club’ today. Basically, as part of our Theatre Arts course we have to do an individual project, like direct a play or something so we’ve roped in some younger, unsuspecting students to perform for us… Today we were trying to get them to play space jump which is like, the easiest theatre game IN THE WORLD and it was impossible. Why do children have no imagination these days?

I’m really upset because I just lost the disc that had my already overdue History essay on it… Bah! Humbug…

Note:  This blog was written by Erin Wallis

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