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Today was a good day, my best buddy steve and I went golfing, we planned to just pay for the round and that was it. But as it got closer and closer to our tee time we ended up renting a golf cart, buying an eight pack of beer, and buying a couple a cigars. Its so fun to rip around a golf course on a golf cart as you can just drink beer and smoke cigars, not carry clubs and in-between hit golf shots. What a great idea, by the end of the course we pretty buzzed and got kicked off the course for driving ‘recklessly’. Then i lay by my pool for about an hour, watched a little tv and ate a chicken and rice dinner. Good day all round.

In a earlier post, i talked about accidently standing up this girl in a Chinese restaurant. Well we had that rain checked to last night, where i had good old sizzling beef that reminded me of our Labuan feast. I had to tell her the story where me, edo, rod, and a couple of other guys managed to spend close to $200 for dinner as we ordered the whole fucking menu in some seafood restaurant in labuan. Highlighted by how rod’s jaw dropped when he saw the bill and Ed talking about disgustings large tiger beer. Anyways, back to the ‘date’, we ended up talking for about three hours at the place when they told us it was closing time. She seems to be more best friend than girlfriend material, but people say a relationship grows over time when others say that once a friend…always a friend. What is the deal with that anyways….if anybody else has any experiences with this kinda thing…let me know.

Ironically, as sam was talking about missing england. After watching England beat Australia *blatent rub-in* i just realized just how British i still am. I mean I havent been there for four years and not lived there for 13 years. Describing myself as a Brit at heart, i miss:
1) Die hard England fans or just fans that you can have intelligent conversations about football with
2) The pub culture
3) The wet, windy weather that is just so english
4) The ridiculous trends like when i was there last, Adidas track pants (four years ago)…i guess now is something to do with Beckham.
5) Other people with a British accent…none of this hoser shit

Canada is great and everything, but its no England

Posted by Pat @ 07:06 PM AST [Link] [1 Comment]

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I used to play golf on a regular basis with a few of the bizzos (note: I was never very good). What other sport can you drink beer, smoke cigars, and drive at the same time? We used to drive the hell out of those carts. One time, I was chasing a groundhog around and wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going and I smashed into a pine tree and went flying out of the cart. I wish I would’ve gotten that on tape.

Posted by DJ Decepticon @ 07/01/2003 04:14 AM AST

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