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The Vision Is A New World Order

I have lots to tell, so read on and be enthralled.

I think the first and most important is that I have finally become a part of the chemical generation. We had a party at my friend JC’s place and it was pretty monster. We had a keg, and a hot tub and lots of cheesy music and the such like. Then in the back room there were a couple of my friends doing lines of coke.
I figured you only live one right?

So yeah, I did a few lines of coke. And I will be perfectly frank. It was awesome. I loved it. I’d do it again tomorrow. It totallysobered me up, and I was totally hyper active. I ended up not being able to go to bed until 7:30am. At dawn I decided it would be cool it take a lot of beer up on the roof and sit there and drink it. So I did. JC’s neighbors probably think I am some kind of retard.

Another cool thing that has happened, I found out Jason has had his child. So congrats to him.

More cool stuff. My band has our first gig. Two weeks from today. We are opening for Farrago and the Titsofrenix. I am pretty fucking stoked. We are doing an 8 song setlist. 6 originals and two covers. The covers are “I ran” by flock of seagulls and “what I like about you” by the Romantics. oh yeah.

Even more supercool stuff. I am going to go back to the UK for 2 weeks this summer. I didn’t think I was going to be able to, but it fell out of the sky and into my lap, so I am stoked coz then I get to see my Anna.

More cool stuff. My cousin is coming to visit me for a few days in July. That will be cool. There will be much drinking and debauchery.

And I get to go to warped tour this year, on July 9th. Fantastico. I get to see so many cool bands…and Rancid are rightfully headlining. YES!

Not so cool stuff: I am broke. Still single. Still living with my asshole stepdad. My car is acting gay. I still get too much spam. And my ex-girlfriend is emailing me asking for advice about her new boyfriend.

But other than that, all is well. And in keeping with my first shot at cocaine I watched The Godfather tonight. Yeah.

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I like ‘what i like about you’.

‘Super-cool’ is a phrase I haven’t seen in these parts since my sugarhigh posts during the hotel party year.

Posted by Edo @ 06/25/2003 07:01 AM AST

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