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What do I look like? A charity?

At work at the moment practicing the skills of being a slacker. Just told some bank they need to do some improvements to qualify for being able to be on our database for work experience students. The power!!

Anyways, i was reading the salt monkeys reunion post by Edo, man i want to be in Melbourne now. Screw business stuff…lets make CD’s and sell them. I hate your duck and Road to Bolledge to go Platinum.

Maybe next year after my degree next year we ought to have a band reunion. I have a band room in my house with a drumset, my guitar, and even a keyboard for Brown Bell.

Ok, just send me the tracks.

This weekend was spent relaxing and drinking beer and smoking pot for the first time in months. Quite the accomplishment. My roommate tiff is leaving for Hong Kong today for a month, gonna miss having the SE Asian connection in the house. Going to have to ask Angela or John to come live with me whilst shes gone.

Last night i watched Starksky and Hutch. It was an entertaining movie, no acadamy awards or anything. Ben Stiller and the Owen guy always bring along a good laugh. 3.5/5.

I have decided to learn how to fly in July, i am pretty excited about it. My dad said hes going to sell the business, so i figured it would be silly not to. So i will fly down to Melbourne for a band practice every Sunday. Ok maybe not.

Better go now…i havent really done any work today and its nearly 2.00.

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