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The Holiday Blog

It was only last night when we said farewell to Jen’s parents as they flew out to China did it really feel like the closing chapter to a four week winter holiday.  It all started in mid-July when we had relatives arrive from around the world – visiting from Scotland, China and America.  Six in total.  Plus all of Jen’s siblings living in Brisbane were on holiday too.  So, eleven of us really.  The Inoue-Halligan-Clarke-Fisk family, all inter-related in some weird tangential manner that I can barely describe (Eileen from Boston is my wife’s second cousin once removed) enjoying our break together, travelling around Queensland.

Although I spent large portions of my childhood as an only child and generally grew up in a rather small family unit, I’ve since married into a much larger tribe.  It can be rather exhausting at times but I really do quite like our little gang.  There’s a real hodge podge of people with differing backgrounds and it makes for an interesting dynamic.  Amongst our group are teachers, doctors and lawyers.  We have baby-boomers in the family who grew up with Elvis and the Beatles and we have Gen Y kids who were born in the 21st Century and grew up with McFly.  We’ve managed to get together a bunch of times now – a Brunei Christmas, a Brisbane wedding, an Edinburgh summer – and we’ve always had an absolute blast together.

I took this photo of the family as they waited for a bus in Palm Cove in far north Queensland.  It helps give you an idea of who everyone is.

As you can expect with a group this size, a lot of the time people just went off and did their own thing.  Depending on how you were so inclined, the holiday was a good opportunity to lie in the sun and read a book.  Or kick a ball around.  Or splash around in the pool.  Food always brought everyone together though.

Anyway, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking from here on in.  Here it is – the Queensland Winter Holiday of 2011.


Until next time :)

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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.


  1. Good to see the Macho Man elbow drop coming out there duder

  2. Thanks man. Glad you noticed that I was trying to channel Randy Savage.

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