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When Does The Laughter Stop

in the words of countless ‘Friends’ episodes… OH MY GOD! I havent laughed that way in a long time! if you are curious to what i am talking about then be prepared to read this shameless piece of Spy-mag self-promoting:

The review on the male G-spot was humor-filled i agree but what made me batch my pants with laughter was the Flithy Sex Report that was linked to the G-spot report. Absolute class! i laughed so hard i cried! … mind you some people will find it truely disgusting and vow never to return to this site… but all i can say to them is Fine, why dont you fuck your humorless ass outa here! (There is certianly some good advice on how to do that too).

Moving on swiftly, today i bought myself a Brunei football team shirt… i feel that this is long over-due.. seeing as i was a diehard brunei football fan the year they won the Malaysia cup. BRUNEI YAKIN! Mind you, they did get relegated the next year and with that went the intrest of EVERYONE in the country. But i felt that i’ve filled a viod in my life by adding the golden masterpiece to my wardrobe… I will be the sexiest brunei football shirt wearing guy in the whole of england! Feel the importance!

i think i’ve gone crazy.


Posted by Matt @ 09:11 PM AST [Link]

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hullo matt, are you still in brunei???

Posted by Livie @ 09/01/2002 09:27 AM AST

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