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Sit down, Harry. I will tell you EVERYTHING

Man oh man!! New Harry Potter!! how cool.

I must be brief in this update as i have my last EVER exam tomorrow!! i must study as it is my most crucial!

News from my side of the world:

I went to the cinema on Friday night specifically to watch ‘Bruce Almighty’, but sadly it didnt open til Saturday.. ass. As i was walking through Town i noticed many many people dressed up in thier Robes and Wisard hats. i was thinking that this was the coolest!! i wanted to join in!! alas, Sara would not let me… (she is not a Harry Potter fan). It was amusing though cause my friend went to the Norwich opening of the book (it started at midnight) and we even had the actor who plays Percy Weasly in the movie to sign the books, he comes from Norwich. My friend went up to the guy and asked him whether he was getting paid, his answer was simply “i fucking better be”… ah, celebraties… you’ve gotta respect thier professionalism.

The next night i proceeded to get very high and watch ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ with traditional stoner buddies Rich and Paul. Fabulous movie. never have i understood so much of what was going on but at the same time have not the slightest clue. Johnny Depp: cool beans.

New Juventus Kit pretty sexual, they’ve got rid of all the tacky looking logos and signed with Nike. the new away kit is an interesting pink.

The look forward to this coming week:

– finish school offically.
– be with Sara… lots
– get wasted with friends… lots
– see my mum (after 2 months)
– fly to Italy

check back soon.


Posted by Matt @ 10:18 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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“i wanted to join in!! alas, Sara would not let me… (she is not a Harry Potter fan”


Posted by Some guy @ 06/24/2003 08:57 AM AST

good luck with your exam dude.

Posted by Edo @ 06/23/2003 05:37 PM AST

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