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Daily dose of fat

Hey, Sorry it’s been a while. Front page is fucked so I have to do this update in HTML, my full apologies if it fucks everything up. I tried, also ignore any spelling or grammer errors as I can’t check em. But then, if you have ever read anything Pat has written it is unlikely that you would notice them anyway. Although, credit where credit is due, survior is mildly amusing. Although it is unlikely I would be kicked off the island for dendophilia.

Planning to have a pretty mild weekend this weekend. Yet another weekend with no female company. I have decided to just get a cat, sit on my front porch and resolve myself to never dating again.

Although it could be worse, I could have lost something I ate earlier down a drain and am now searching for it. For reference, never let children drink alcohol in your house. Thanks to Harriet for showing us why.

Got to see Gecko Jamie at school yesterday so that was kind of cool. You know, he does look a little like a gecko…Apart from the fact that he is not spotty and shits everywhere, now Pat on the otherhand…..

Shit I have had trouble updating this site today. I had to do it all in HTML and I still don’t know if it is working. Sorry if the site is fuckified.

I am extremely worried. My Dad is in the country and so could find out all the dodgy things I get up to a lot easier than if he wasn’t. I hope he doesn’t expect me to see him on the weekends or shit. I just worry that I will be Punk in Drublic, and stoned off my ass and he will turn up and be like, “Hey Sam! Lets go have a long father-son chat.” And I will be all like “Ubba-gubba-chubba”

In the CD Player: Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar
Now I remember why I got into MM.

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Sam currently lives in St. Thomas in the Caribbean where he drinks too much rum and is conveniently ignoring becoming an adult.

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