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Weightgain 5000

I went to see X2 again last night after I was SOLD OUT by Wesley who ratted me out to Mcgee that I went and saw it the first time without her. Hmph.

Anyways, today is an important day. I’m starting my Hulk Up scheme. After class I’m going to buy lots of proteiny stuff and eat like a mofo all weekend. I got myself a product called Joe Weider’s Victory Brand GIANT MEGA MASS 5000. Sounds impressive doesn’t it? This sweet baby was engineered in the US of A and is my ticket to being a super heavyweight beefcake.

I weighed myself today and I am a pitiful 66kg. My initial aim is to get over 70kg and then hopefully be 80kg in a couple of months. This, coupled with my boxing training should make me in to an unstoppable all-consuming machine.


Posted by Edo @ 11:15 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

Not for long, sucka!

Posted by Edo @ 05/02/2003 07:15 PM AST

he he… Edo only weighs 1kg more than me!

Posted by Matt @ 05/02/2003 04:58 PM AST

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