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I got the SARS and my nose is feeling yucky

i hate feeling ill. I also hate rainy days. Being caught in it three days straight isnt fun at all.

Despite all this germery, i am still humming and smiling to myself like the idiot that i am. I had dinner cooked for me yesterday. He likes sushi too. Tonight is Friday, therefore everyone goes out on the Raz. I think i’ve spent more time and effort doing nothing than actually working. I saw Phone Booth yeswterday, i didnt know what to think…it was good, as in i give credit to Colin Farrell (swoooooooon) but it got too intense when all you saw was NOTHING BUT THAT BLOODY PHONE BOOTH.

I am planning out the summer holidays. I want to do stuff!!! Ouch, seriously, my head doesnt feel so good. So far my list includes:

1) Beach trips and BBQs
2) Beer and Limbang
3) …..uhh…bubbles and plastic swords?

Someone jog my memory of what else we used to do.

Posted by Angela @ 08:15 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

Just as well Mike isn’t in Brunei during June/July then, since he’s banned from all these hotels for breaking stuff.

Posted by Edo @ 05/03/2003 05:21 PM AST

breaking as much as we could possibly get away with in ASMA and then getting them to come up and open a bottle of $10 wine, and paying $30 corking fee.

Posted by Sam @ 05/03/2003 08:02 AM AST

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