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I’m still job-hunting without much success.

For the past week I’ve been working at CfBT in Kiarong with Jen, Sean, Anna and Michael Phillips. We test this software called College English. It’s quite fun because there’s quite a few characters in the program based on people I know. So far I’ve found: my mom, Jen’s mom, Matt, Barnaby and spotted a picture of Luciana as well.

Curiously, Jen’s mom plays a character called ‘Tim’. But I guess that’s why they need bug testers like us.

The big news is I am definitely getting out of Perth and definitely getting out of Brunei and I’ve confirmed the dates. I’m leaving Brunei on the 6th of February and I have my flat in Perth until the end of February by which time I *hope* I have a job to go to over East but if not I’m coming anyway.

So leave a sleeping bag out for me Mike at the end of Feb :)

I gotta say, I LOVE working in an office. I like wearing a tie and a shirt. They gave me a laminated card bearing the legend: ‘EDO INOUE – software tester’ on it. I feel official. I feel achieved. I like coffee breaks, talking about the morning’s work. I like the smell of the office. The hierachy (well, except for Asad being our team leader). I like going to curry for lunch at the Kiarong Kafe. It’s pretty sweet really.

I ordered the Royal Rumble on Monday. My first ever Pay Per View. GO BENOIT GO~!

I’ll leave off today with two movies you should probably know about:

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
Clocking in at 90 minutes, this one is out in August. Not much else is known yet.

MXP: Most Xtreme Primate
From the people who made MVP: The Most Valuable Primate and Airbud: Seventh Inning Fetch, comes MXP, a film about a snowboarding monkey. For whatever reason, this took 3 different scriptwriters to make. Let it be known that this is a CANADIAN production in case you are wondering who makes this stuff.

Posted by Edo @ 09:59 AM AST [Link] [3 comments]

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Man, am i the only one who thinks working in a music store, wearing what I want, not tied to a desk is so much cooler?


oh crap

Posted by Sam @ 01/26/2004 01:51 AM AST

Tell Micheal Phillips I say Hi will ya. Havent spoken to that guy in yonks.

Good luck with Job hunting.

Yeah office culture is cool eh. I had a similar setup at the bank. Laid back wearing nice clothes…chatting to people all day long.

Posted by Pat @ 01/25/2004 09:37 PM AST

FUCKING EXCELLENT NEWS!! now i am happy! and you must come…and see the weakerthans too! oh yes.

welcome to the world of office work. glad you enjoy it. can get a bit repetative after a while but hell…as long as the people you work with are nice it’s always bareable!

god damn…i’m happy now.

Posted by mike @ 01/25/2004 10:34 AM AST

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