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Still living the myth that all French people wear berets


I have returned from my first truly independant holiday. It was, for lack of better words… fucking awesome.

I’ll make the summary as brief as possible:

me and two of my friends (Ben and Adam), decided that for 10 days we should backpack our way round the south of france. These ten days were crammed with alcohol, sex (not of the homosexual type), laughs and fucking Uno!

Upon this period within such towns as Marseille and Nimes… approximatly 25 bottles of wine were consumed. The pocket damage was extensive.

Whilst staying in a youth hostels in these different towns we met a variety of random people from some american dude who was 40 and never left home before (!), to a bunch of immensly flexible ballerinas (!), some racist dutch guy and the woman with the finnest/tightest ass this world has ever seen! nice!

We saw such things as the Marseille skatepark (yes, the one off tony hawk’s pro skater), the Sade Velodrome, la Cote d’azzure, a colloseium, a bull fight and a U2 cover band!

That pretty much rounds off the trip really loosely… just take my world for it.

‘je t’expliquerai chez McDo’


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