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The Valentines Day Story

I got up at midday after dreaming of a motorcycle accident. I went in to town and found out that JB-HI-FI have reduced the price of the X-File Season box sets by 60% (or 100 bucks to you). So I picked up Season 3 as a Valentines Day present to myself. I got a call from my flatmate except he thought my number was someone elses number which shows how often he calls me. Polly called as well. I have a date with her tonight.

Go home and my flatmate is turning on the charm with his girlfriend. He’s made her dinner, dimmed the lights, crammed all the junk in his room and put on Boyz II Men Greatest Hits. Dear God I got out quick.

Went to the city and picked up Ultimate X-Men: the first 6 issues. Started reading it at the train station. It’s really good. Polly calls and meets me in the city. I wanted to tell her about the comic except when we sit down for coffee she tells about six sexually explicit stories in a row so it seems inappropriate. We walked passed an IdleWild show on the way home but we don’t have enough money so we sit outside and listen instead. I gave her a pez dispense as a present and we went home.

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