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Honey Bunnies, Rod Nicol – Pimp Daddy, Disney porn and me

Last night, I was at the Yacht Club with Mike, Matt and Dan for dinner.  Chloe was there with her parents too.  She didn’t come to our New Year party!  So we just all stared angrily at her breasts from where we were sitting.

I’m kidding of course.  We sat there very maturely and discussed demonic possession of South African cricket players and drank our milo.

Whispers of another party on Wednesday.  More porn, more Disney, more alcohol.  Bigger, harder, faster.

Hopefully, Matt will finish the film on his camera and we can post some more body art gallery pictures.

Speaking of Matt.  I think he was the only one that hated New Year because it was the first party he went to where he didn’t get laid.  Rod stole all but one of the women! (Kate was my honey bunny)  Pimp Daddy Rod took the girls to play in his room and Matt sleeps in vomit.  That explains:

Rod:  Great party!
Matt:  It was very gay.

I have to go to Labuan on Thursday.  Normally, it’s just fun and games hanging out at brothels and buying cheap CDs but this time I’m going to pick up my sister.  She was in Japan for a year and she wrote to me once telling me about this guy masturbating in a train station.

For those of you, who missed the magazine cover we had on the site for a while, click here to see it.

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