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Once again, the speakers and amplifier were set up in the living room, the furniture being cleared out and shifted outside. The outdoor furniture was adorned with drink bottles. A carton of 24 Red Bulls sat in the fridge. Shotglasses had been lined up, tumblers were filling with soft drink and snacks had been put out on display.


The celebration for the twentieth anniversary of my birth had started, and for the rest of the night, I would continue to disrupt my biochemistry with various mind-altering drugs. Loud music would pump out of the speakers from my carefully thought-out playlist of club anthems.


As my mind blinked through the fog induced by the alcohol, I felt completely at ease, in peace with the world and its patrons.


The event finished around 2 in the morning, when it was becoming a struggle to keep my eyes open and my brain active. The heavy consumption of caffeine and guarana only kept me going for so long. I told myself that in the morning I’d clear the mess up.


So this is what it feels like to be twenty.


That afternoon I managed to get all the empty bottles and the glass casualties into the bin and hosed down the outdoor furniture. Later that day the landlady’s sister came around to clean out empty boxes from the shed and to inspect the house at the same time. Some of the lounge room furniture was still set up outside. She came in to me doing the dishes.


“Did you move the furniture outside?” she asked me.


“Yes,” I said. I hoped there wouldn’t be any repurcussions from this, and I really didn’t want her to know that I just had a party the night before.


“Oh.” And that was that. She went back to whatever she was doing.


Crisis over.


Posted by Dan @ 01:33 PM AST [Link]

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dannnn, you can move in now. i have forgotten your email address so i couldn’t email you. anyway, hit me back, we shall have a chat.

Posted by shasha @ 11/01/2002 12:24 AM AST

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