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Keep them rollin’, rollin’ Rawhide!

Happy Birthday Dan.

You know it’s not gonna rain the day you choose to wear your raincoat…’just in case’
I am going home this weekend. Its been a couple of months, and besides, my mum bribed me with some homemade satay. So there you go. My braces come off next week. Everyone shout HURRAY! i think i hold the longest record of wearing braces. I’ve been through three dentists, two hospitals and one private practice just to get these babies off eventually. My teeth were never even that bad either. I think i’ve worn them since 1997. Might have been ’98 but thats still a stupidly long time. You could do something silly like sue RIPAS for malpractice, but realistically its not gonna happen and anyway if it ever did, alot of people would die because i drained alllll the resources away.

Someone’s had their coffee.

HOME, I’M GOING HOME!! i need money, i need to be fed, i need to be spoilt and wrapped in a fluffy towel just like in those adverts. With a puppy at my feet. And lots of toilet roll flying everywhere. And we’ll all just smile and laugh and shake our heads.

I’m actually meant to be doing some research for this film project we’re doing, but i dont want to.

Go get the Good Morning Vietnam soundtrack. because there’s…NOWHERE TO RUUUUUN TO BAABBEH!!

I saw American Graffiti on video. Its just like Dazed and Confused, without the drugs. And that its set in the 50’s. You get to see Harrison Ford when he was reaaaaaaaally young. Ron Howard is in it as well, think Richie Cunningham of Happy Days but hornier.

I should research. Research, angela, research!!


Posted by Angela @ 06:45 PM AST [Link]

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course not. psh.

Posted by angela @ 11/04/2002 09:11 PM AST

is angela sane?

Posted by blah @ 11/02/2002 11:23 AM AST

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