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Men In Black 3


Fifteen minutes.  Fifteen minutes is exactly how long we lasted before walking out on Men In Black 3, which makes it the first ever film I’ve ever walked out on before the credits rolled.  To be honest, it wasn’t even my suggestion.  It was my wife’s.  In this day and age, its pretty easy for me to identify films I ...

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Scream 4


Considering the original Scream single-handedly revived the horror genre in Hollywood fifteen years ago, its somewhat ironic and perhaps fitting that the franchise has now mimmicked the sequel fatigue of the cult classic films it took influence from. Scream 4 is a really unremarkable horror film.  There is nothing special about it.  It’s predecessors and dozens of contemporary horror films ...

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Weekend of Michael Jackson, 5 Second Reviews and Jen

Jen came down to visit me in Sydney on Friday.  She just left to catch her flight a couple of hours ago It was great to have some company on the weekend and we took the time together to wander around and eat at some of the city’s many cafes and restaurants.  After a weekend of seafood platters, Belgian chocolate ...

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