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Dancing, tiredness and fat movies

Rather tired today.
Last night I went to some school dance, not my school this school called PVSS. After six shots of bacardi, a hamburger and three pieces of gum I was ready to go, and I started jiving. I danced the night away, it was sweet. But at the end of it I was sweaty, tired and hungary.

Some guy recognized me from the site. Cool. Some other guy wanted everyone to know Chewy Chips Ahoe are good, or something like that. He may have been high.

I nearly got fired from Subway for not showing up for my shifts twice in a row, fuck.
I should get “on the ball”, or whatever my manager said. Soccer balls are cool though. They shouldn’t fire me though because I am a good worker and don’t violate subs as much as some people think.

Speaking of Subway, I heard that as the place is open 24/7 a lot of drunks come in. These people are assholes and treat the workers like shit. Workers aren’t going to put up with that crap so they thought it would be funny to jizz in the mayonaisse to give it some extra taste or something in a way to get back at the asshole customers. This is weird as people thought I did that sort of thing to sandwiches (as a joke), and it could be true. BuhHa.

Grad is in eight days. Grad party this weekend at some Cabin, should be sweet. Partying is getting pretty tiresome now, but it never gets boring.
Becca has the audition this weekend that will decide a lot of things in the future. I saw her perform today and she is so fucking good, no joke I tell you. She better buy me a jaguar or something when she stars in MI:6 or Jurassic Park 9.

Smackdown 2 is mega cool.

My pool is in operation now, pools are cool. I went for a swim today, second time I actually swam since I was in Brunei.
Landscaping almost complete too, my house will be pretty cool for parties in the summer when I am not painting.

Time to sleep now.

Zzzzzzzzzzzoo of the month: Tyler Haywood
(Credit to Jordan, thought it would be a good idea to pick a zoo of the month, he picks the zoos, not me)

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