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This song remains the same

I am not dead. Not quite anyway.

I spent christmas in the UK, coz my Dad was getting married and so I was required to attend. But I did get to see loads of me old mates so thats cool, coz I really miss all those English fools.

I am now however, back in the good auld U S of A, starting college again tomorrow, I am really not looking forward to making my brain work again. Especially with the level of abuse my body as a whole has gone through in this past month. I don’t think my cousin allowed me to get sober for more than about 3 hours at any time, it really was quite silly.

The good news is that I haven’t been kicked out of house and home YET. My stepdad has given me a month to get a job, and get settled and what-not, and hopefully if I kiss enough ass during that month, he won’t kick me out, which would be good, because I frankly, really can’t afford it right now!

Fred Durst is boning Britney Spears. I’m not really sure how I feel about that…

I am really ill. I managed to spend a month in the UK and not get ill, but I come back, and within a week I have got the fucking flu. Its really not fun. if my nose runs anymore my brain is going to dry out.

wow, Angela is a sucky-sucky-me-luf-you-long-time-go-go-girl. That is one hell of a title. Can you imagine getting all of that on a business card?

I am big up on a band called “Funeral For A Friend” (who the observant of you will notice, is also the title of an Elton John song). They have only released a 5 track EP but I really fucking love it. It makes me touch myself.

I need a girlfriend. Any takers?

Posted by Sam @ 09:20 AM AST [Link]

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you are fathead

Posted by angela @ 01/22/2003 05:19 PM AST

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