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We’re in the money (kinda)

gots me a job. well at least until saturday. not a very interesting job. i get to count cars going into a parking lot. but hey, it pays $15/hr and i’ll make like $300 in two days. so that’s fiiiiiinnnnneee by me. plus erin’s coming as well…so essentially we’ll make $600 which is even better. gettng payed six hundred bucks for counting cars & hanging out with erin for two days, that’s gonna be sweet. sounds a bit like an emo song though. man, think of all the pizza i can get with $600. mmmmmmm…

i popped in to SAE melbourne today, just to check it out ands see what it’s like. (for those that don’t know SAE is the college i went to in singapore, yes, the one with the Mary Brown Chicken place underneath it). anyways…this place was the shit. it’s a 2 story building with studios up the ass. and…get this…mcdonalds. not shitty mary brown chicken. fucking mcdonalds. ah shit. stupid singapore campus and it’s 2 fucking rooms.

my condolences go out to Pat’s friend who lost his finger. that is a serious disability. he should sue or something…isn’t that what people do in that part of the world.

you know if you have whooping cough you can claim government assistance because it renders you unable to work.

sweet. it’s taken me a while but i finally found an ftp server that i can get Warcraft 3 from. good. it should be done in 43 hours. shit

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