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TFW Decides 2012: FIFA 2013 vs Pro Evo 2013

We’ve approached an interesting milestone for football video games:  this year’s iteration of FIFA and Pro Evo will likely be the final ones on the current generation of game consoles before primary development will focus on Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles that will get unveiled in 2013.  What this means is that this year’s versions should be the most feature ...

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TFW Decides 2011: FIFA 12 vs Pro Evo Soccer 12

FIFA 12: The cover of FIFA 12 continues to document Wayne Rooney's receeding hairline as it has done so for the past five years

It’s that time of year again.  Both Konami and EA Sports have released playable demos of their yearly iterations of Pro Evo Soccer and FIFA.  We all know the story: for a decade Konami ruled the roost with the best football video game in town until EA spectacularly stole the crown back with FIFA 10.  2010 saw a FatWeb football ...

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FIFA 2010 – Time to cross the line?

I’ve alluded to it before in the last two years but now I’m seriously considering doing the unthinkable: I think I might buy a FIFA game instead of Pro Evo this year. It’s not a decision to be made lightly. But first, a history lesson:  Football is an important part of the fabric that makes up some of the friendships ...

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