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Top Ten Films of 2013

I didn’t think I had been this behind on my movie-watching or my blogging.  I sat down this evening to write a list of my ten favourite films of the year.  You’d think it would seem like light work after recently compiling a list of one hundred games!  Yet I came up with about four films.  Then I sat there ...

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Life Itself by Roger Ebert

I first began reading Roger Ebert’s memoir, Life Itself, a couple of months ago.  In a sad but not entirely unexpected development, Ebert passed away from his long battle with cancer before I had a chance to finish the book.  Being a man with an impeccable and unnerving sense of timing, Ebert publicly blogged his retirement from full time film ...

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Roger Ebert has died

For any regular reader of The FAT Website, one of my identifiable traits is that I blog a lot.  With few breaks, I’ve been doing it for the better part of twelve years now.  For even more people who know me in my day-to-day life offline, an even stronger identifiable trait is that I love film.  Both my love of ...

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The 85th Academy Awards

It’s Academy Awards time!  It’s that weird awards show that usually disappoints but occasionally gets it right.  Some years the host can be pretty awesome and other years the host can be James Franco.  Whatever happens, there’s usually some good talking points after the show and if we’re lucky, some memorable speeches. Anyway, here are my guesses for who will ...

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