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World Cup 2010: England vs Germany


Well here we go.  We are less than two hours away from the latest installment of one of the best World Cup rivalries.  Normally, I’d watch on as a neutral but I’ve drawn Germany in my office sweepstakes so I’m rooting for them.  Jen is inexplicably cheering for England (?).  For Pat and Cindy, this game will pretty much determine who is doing the dishes for the next month.  For Matt, England is all he has left after Italy’s capitulation in the group stage.  There is everything at stake in this match (mainly a AUS$50 jackpot at work).


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  1. Does Capello have a third nipple?

  2. the secret source of his power

  3. England played well for the last 20 mins of the first half and were royally outplayed for the rest of the game.

    Yes – bring in goal line technology. Its beyond a joke now and neither team feels good about unfair play. Its strange the whole world can see its a goal and its not given. Happened again in the Argentina match and the Mexicans had every right to be furious. These things do change games and I think its harsh to blame the referees who are left in an impossible situation as they have two seconds to make a decision.

    Definetly not making excuses for England thought – another major dissapointment.

    Im sticking to cricket these days 😉

  4. Man, England own at cricket! … Count it: Ashes? check. T20 World Champions? Check. ODI series wins over SA and Aus? Check.

    Totally awesome.

  5. Thems fighting words.

    Wait till November when we reclaim the Ashes.

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