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Gutted mouth

Just to comment on the comment that both Mike and Sam have mentioned that the new guttermouth album spends too much time fucking around… well sorry to be frank but No Shit! Everyone of guttermouths album has a large slice of shit and fucking around thrown in… I have listened to every Guttermoutn album from Gorgeous to Teri Yakimoto to Musical monkey. The point is that they are out there to show what some would called the ‘punk attitude’. Simply just fucking around and having fun. Sure these guys were even banned from every going to canada again after writing an anti-canadian song which the goverment took exception too. The point with them is that they honestly dont care… they write songs about how there mum is a whore, about how drinking Jack Daniels is the only reason worth living.

My point in this is that you cant claim that the new album fucks around too much, cause frankly everyone of there albums fuck around too much! Thats just the way they wanna be… play good music – sure! have fun – fucking damn right!

Thats my two cents


Posted by Matt @ 02:25 PM AST [Link]

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I must defend my point. had you READ my review, you will notice that I said it was my first experience with guttermouth, and therefore, could only judge on what I heard (surely the best way to review as you have no pre-conceptions?). I apologised for not knowing any other guttermouth stuff, and I just reviewed it as I heard it, which was as thus: The punk is good, there is just too much f-ing around for $12.99.
Cram it up your ass…hehehe

Posted by Sam @ 08/29/2002 10:55 AM AST

you are gay.. and proved me wrong. i was hoping that no one would question, thus making me correct… clever clever

Posted by Matt @ 08/28/2002 08:48 PM AST

actually…their previous album…i forget the name of it…tended to sound pretty serious to me…except for the last song, cram it up your ass…or whatever…

Posted by mike @ 08/28/2002 04:05 PM AST

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