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It’s over before it starts

…so on your marks stand by, ready go. London to New York, Montreal to Tokyo. I see visons of her, everwhere I go….

I just got home from work. Very boring. But its better than Mike’s dream job of a shoveling shit. But not much.

The only real thing I have to look forward to in my day is the lunatic fork lift truck driver who is undoubtedly a few cards short of a full deck. That and the woman who works in reception who obviously fancies me. She’s like 30 something, but everytime I come in she likes goes out of her way to get up and wave at me and engage me in conversation. It’s really flattering. heheh

my list of things that would be great right now (and none of them involve bubbles)
1. To be in a pub with a cold beer
2. To have Jeanne here
3. To get some inspiration and finish that dammn song I have half written
4. To have my balls shaved by 3 playboy bunnies
5. Sex

I got a junk mail today informing me how best to clean out my intestine. Not only should I watch what I eat, I should get colonic irrigation like twice a year. I reackon that would be well weird. Someone sticking a hose up your ass and letting rip. But I can imagine it feeling great afterwards, but on the other hand weighing like, 10 kilos less.
The email was really graphic too. It takes a lot to offend me, but it really turned my stomach. Here’s an excerpt:

“.I came off the Cleanse today and I am SO IMPRESSED! I could not believe the filth and slime that came out! And so MUCH of it! Where does it all come from? Amazing!”
S. Ward, Tucson, Arizona

How foul is that?

Speaking of which, I took a crap after a heavy night the other day and it weighed 5 kilos. Thats a big fucking shit!

I’m going to go now before this turns into another one of Angela’s updates…or is it too late for that?

“and new year’s eve was as boring as heaven, I watched flies fuck on channel 11” that was for mike.

I got a minus on my Karma for my last update. Is that bad?

Posted by Sam @ 05:48 AM AST [Link]

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shuttup u!!!

Posted by Angela @ 07/19/2002 12:22 AM AST

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