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Here we go again

Just finished another eight hour shift and have a lot more of those to go until September rolls around for 2nd year of my business diploma.

Cool, that there was a JIS reunion in Australia. Reunions are always good fun.

Remember in highschool and the main goal of everyone was to party. Now that i have been graduated for 18 months the scene of getting high, ridiculously drunk and hooking up with random hanus women doesn’t seem to appeal to me as much anymore. Does this mean its time to settle down, what the hell is going on. I suppose after constantly partying for the last five years, it is getting old now. What is the next step now? I am the only one that can answer that one I guess.

Why the hell am i talking like Fred Savage now?

Everytime i sit down and watch the news there is another bombing in the middle east, seriously there is so much of this that no-one actually cares about them anymore. I think the Israel and Palestine leaders should sit down and have a meeting on ecstasy, that would sort everything out.

Sleep time.

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