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Introducing Erin

I’m in! Embarrassingly, Edo caught me trying to guess my password… it wasn’t very successful.
I’m Erin. Most people know me. For those who don’t, you haven’t missed anything we won’t catch up on. I enjoy heated debates with Sam almost as much as Annie does. I also quite like the Lion King and Powder finger.
I have reciently had many presents to buy. I don’t know what it is but there must be something about September/October that makes people have lots of sex and do babymaking. Anyway, I was trying to think of what to buy people, which got me thinking about what the best presents I have ever been given. I think the sweetest thing was a CD with all of the giver’s favourite songs on it. Ummm… This year I got a chair. It was… practical.

Posted by Erin @ 05:55 PM AST [Link]

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Hahaha.. Sam can’t count

Posted by Erin @ 07/24/2002 03:19 PM AST

Oh, I read that as she wanted to have sex in September with Costa Ricans or something.

Sam, July minus 9 months is October. So you’re wrong. WRONG!

Wrong plays centre-half for South Korea. Ho ho ho!

Ok, I’m done.

Posted by Edo @ 07/23/2002 08:32 PM AST

not being a smart ass erin, but surely if you are buying people gifts now because it is thier birthday, then it would be January/February when people are having lots of sex surely? Last time I heard babies took nine months to pop out…but thye, Im a guy, what do I know!

How much of a smarmy git do i feel! heheh :0

Posted by Sam @ 07/23/2002 07:25 PM AST

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