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If I’m honest, I haven’t been entirely happy with The FAT Website for a while.  It runs on a WordPress template that is five years old, it looks a bit tired and I’m in a bit of a rut writing about the same three or four things over and over again.  When I eventually get around to finding someone that can help me modernize the look and feel of the site, I’m telling you right now I’m going to unashamedly pilfer every little detail I can from The Awkward Blog, which is run by Angela Bowron, a friend and former TFW blogger.

The Awkward Blog is everything that a modern blogging website should be and what I aspire for this site to be like in the future.  It is big, bold, colourful and has entertaining musings on the weird minutiae of life.  A new couch, a trip to a breakfast diner, that sort of thing.  I like Angela’s cheery and expressive prose and the photos she posts are goddamn amazing.  Sometimes I wish I could fit higher resolution photos on The FAT Website but when I look at the pictures on The Awkward Blog, I realize I just need to take better photos.  I live a city that is sunny 364 days of the year and somehow her photos have more colour and vibrancy in them.

Anyway, that’s all I had to say.  If you know someone that can design websites and isn’t too expensive, drop me a line!  And if you’re not reading The Awkward Blog, do yourself a favour and add it to your bookmarks.  If The FAT Website is about drinking whisky and watching movies, then consider that The Awkward Blog is about eating cake and going to parties.  Tell me that doesn’t sound like fun.

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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.

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  1. ERMAHGAD Edo, thank you! I hopped over here to ogle at your food pics from Singapore again and was met with my brownies instead, haha! I bit the bullet with my current WordPress theme and bought the Cassia template. It’s really easy to customize. Before that, I used Etsy to get nice but affordable themes. x

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