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Yo Sushi!

I am walking, talking dead person. Never have i felt so banjaxed.

Its been a busy few days. On Thursday, i had to ‘represent’ at the New Skool society bash which really wasnt my thing at all. Too many rude boys, too much attitude and it was just chicking. Halfway through the night, some clever shite set off the fiore alarms and the place got evacuated. Killed the mood. The crazy french boys on my campus were having on of their famous house parties at their place that night, which is where i wanted to head off to anyway, so i get a lift there with a mate. It was crazy. Lots of drunken foreign people. Halfway through the party i get a phone call from Ben Saravia telling me that him and Pete Marchant were coming down the next day to see me, and make me all better. Since that put me in a mad crazy mood i got very drunk. And swaggered home with my housemates. Me and James walked through this posh neighbourhood and picked all the fancy flowers in people’s gardens to put in the flat. Our flat looks better for it really. Silly suburban people and their flowers. It just yells out to us to be picked.

I get a call that night from Rob. We bantered at each other…something about pizza. Anyway, we went to his house for more drinking. Anna and Owen leave because they had some sort of argument. So me and Rob ended up drinking vodka til seven in the morning, talking what i guess must have been alot of shit. It was nice. It’s not good for me though is it?…

Anyway, i wake up early to meet Ben and Pete at the station. We grabbed lunch and headed for the pub. At 3 in the afternoon. Those guys, i love them to death…but they must have been trying to kill me. We were out til 2 in the morning. Thats 11 hours of sitting in bars getting stupidly drunk. They fessed up this morning that instead of getting me doubles they were getting me triples and quadruples. No wonder i feel like death today. They also doubled my aftershock shots. Red aftershock is the devil’s piss. We were dancing around my uni club like pro’s although looking back on it, i think i just crashed into a lot of people. We spent the afternoon in Paddington, seeing a couple of old friends in Brunei Hall, and then got some sushi before they got the train back to Cardiff. I love those two. They always know exactly how to pick me back up again. Literally.

There’s a football game right now. I’m knackered. I want to curl in my bed and not wake up til Monday. I deal with yesterday’s hangover with more stupid drinking. My hangover has a hangover. Lots of hangover babies.

Posted by Angela @ 02:49 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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i really do not know. we seem to have a Thing every week, and neither of us talk truthfully about how we feel. trust me…its been tried.

What to do with myself eh? i seem to ‘pick a prick’ all the time.

Posted by angela @ 10/13/2003 07:06 PM AST

So whats the story with Rob if you don’t mind me asking.

Posted by Edo @ 10/12/2003 07:35 AM AST

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