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The Erin, Angie and Matt Show

So what has happened to the updates from Edo, Sam, Dan and Mike? At least Pat has a decent excuse that he is still just settleing down in a new country. slackness! haha, just playing boys.

I cannot understand the weather in Melbourne… over the weekend it was exquistly hot, good weather so we went to the beach and went to some festival in the southern half of the town… good fun. However, the last couple of days have been terrible! i’ve been wrapped up in front of the fire in my sweater drinking tea.. (how cozy). its ment to be Summer dammit! i escaped england for this! Today it took its final twist… 35degrees with tommorow being 37! at least we know that in england the weather is most likely to ALWAYS be shit and then get a nice surprise on the 6 days a year it isnt. Woo!

I had a great dream last night, i was back at ISB and i was playing basketball in the hall with a bunch of supermodels… fantastic!! although it was cut short when my brother woke me up before 9am!! for this he will pay dearly.

Still no luck on the Job front… ass. So instead i just plan amazing trips around australia in which i do not have the funding to do all of them… oh well, i boy can dream cant he.

I was doing the rounds and i came across this interesting story.. Now if you’d been keeping up to date in our forum discussion then you will see this as more compelling evidence that English school kids are serverly fucked up… wait a minute, I was an english school kid! *shudder*

My friend Ben called me today… he’s arrived back in Melbourne. WOO! more friends!! i will meet him up tommorow and then have many happy stories to post up here. But for now, i am going to finish off watching my Buffy DVD Boxset.

muchos gracias.


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