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About Edo

Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.


  1. Awesomse! Great photo! No cheesy thumbs up!


    Like my dream to meet James Haskell

  2. Best day ever.

  3. Hang on. So do the Wallabies just randomally come to your work, how come you have met half the team in the last few weeks?

    Corporate events or something, does Voda sponsor?

  4. No sponsorship. They just started popping in one or two at a time. I missed Digby Ioane the other day.

    They’re all mates with one guy in the office and he just arranges for them to come in and hang out.

    I don’t fully understand it but I’m not complaining either :/

  5. Bizarre – but awesome. Thats some cool shit dude. Did you get any insight?

  6. i have absolutely no idea what is going on here but i’m guessing it has something to do with sport.

  7. My friend, he is the greatest professional athlete in the world today.

  8. Edo wishes he was his friend.

  9. Pat is jealous because we’re friends.

  10. Wow – a genuine World Cup semi-finalist. nice job.

    *hide his secret envy*

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