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i read this about a possible reason as to the death of Daniel Benoit… i would still rather not talk about my thoughts on the event.

“β€œIs it possible that after Chris killed Nancy (for whatever reason), he felt Daniel wouldn’t be able to get the care and attention he required as a special needs child (who suffered from Fragile X Syndrome, a genetically passed-on condition that results in impairments ranging from physical and learning disabilities, to more severe cognitive or intellectual disabilities.) with no mother and a father either in jail or dead? Did he then decide that the only way he could protect and take care of his son was to take him to the next world and go with him? In his warped and twisted state, did he think this was the only way to shield his son from a difficult life of pain and hardship? It doesn’t condone or justify a damn thing, but it’s the best reason I can think of. I’m trying to put together some semblance of logic for his actions, but it’s an impossible task trying to explain this.” –

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