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The Napster Solution

One of the hot topics on the internet at the moment is the deal with Napster.  Well here’s the simple solution for you and me.  STOP USING IT!

You heard me, you festy little bitch.  Using Napster is theft.  You are STEALING someone’s fucking music.  Some poor musician goes in to do a recording only for all you freeloading bastards to get all his hard work for free.  How can you possibly justify that?

I don’t care if the mp3 is NOFX, Green Day or Britney Spears.  It’s fucking rude to go about getting their shit for free.  Don’t be such a fuckwit and go and pay for your copy in the store like everyone else.

Some people argue that Napster promotes CD sales.  You listen to a sample, then you buy the CD.  Bollocks.  You listen to the sample and you download the whole fucking album is more like it.  As you read this, untold hordes of cheap smelly internet whores and plugging and downloading the latest Dolphin Meat single.  It just isn’t right.

If you are one of these shitheads that use Napster, take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror, then uninstall your copy.  Go over to some friends houses and politely encourage then to do likewise.  If they don’t, give the bastard a good thrashing until he starts pissing blood.  Then ask him again.

“Is Napster bad?”

He will say yes.

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