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Can’t settle yet

Last time I wrote some blog-ish material, was for the infamous site:

What a great site that was, so much random shit that brought in 300+ hits/day. Nowadays tits are needed to bring in a hit-count like that. Lets face it ‘Tits=Hits’.

Since my last entry, I have graduated from highschool, done a year of college and gone to Australia. So i have made progress.

Why is it that after a couple years somewhere, i always have the urge to go somewhere else. As if I havent seen enough of the world, yet i would want to travel and move to other places.

Nice tip Tim, i think i will try the whole floating car thing sometime. Cigarettes wise, if you ever get the chance to try Players or Du Maurier, do it. Man I think the last time i saw you like five years ago, my god.

Why the fuck do I live so ridiculously far from anyone who lived in Brunei

Edo, do up a pic based on the Aussie photos.

Mark Hughes retired!

Posted by Pat @ 03:35 PM AST [Link]

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Um, go to perth.html and pick one you like and send it to me.

Posted by Edo @ 07/17/2002 12:26 AM AST

That pic is fine dude

Posted by Pat @ 07/16/2002 03:36 PM AST

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