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Survivor: The FAT Website Edition Day One

Eight members of the are marrooned out on a desert island in the middle of the pacific ocean. These being edo the ho, pat potato, spandex mike, rod the pagan god, timdog, smokley, gecko jamie and extremely brown dan. Every day Pat will decide who will leave the island in this very unfair game. The winner will get to beat up a fat member of his choice.

Day One
The members arrive at the island each carrying their rucksack to last the whole of eight days. Tim immediately pulls out a fag and lights up whilst drinking a beer. Everyone finds some comfy place to set up camp. Matt finds a coconut and immediately starts playing beach soccer by himself, nobody sees matt for the rest of the day.

Smokely starts making his bed out of leaves he finds on the beach and he trys to make himself comfortable for the next eight days he plans to stay.

Gecko Jamie sits on the beach cursing the bastard pigs that interogated him for drugs.

Tim starts on his 5th cigarette as Pat, Rod and Edo sit down and starting telling funny stories about Dan with Shaving cream.

Everyone is settling as the first challenge is for a prize that is a bottle of Rum. The challenge is too run up and down the beach until one person is left running. This is how each member did:

8th place: Matt as he wasnt seen, he disappeared with his coconut
7th place: Tim as he couldnt run and smoke at the same time
6th place: Mike as he hadnt done any excersise in years
5th place: Jamie as he started beating on a tree for frustration of what the Pigs in Aberdeen did to him
4th place: Pat as he couldnt cope with the pace of the others plus he wanted to eat.
3rd place: Edo as he was buggered
2nd place: Smokley as all the hair on his legs acted as to much weight to carry in the end
1st place: Brown Dan did it as the wind helped blow him because hes so scrawny

Dan wins the rum and gets drunk that night and then starts throwing up everywhere and passes out. Pat and Rod then spray shaving cream all over him.

Person kicked off the island: Matt because he disappeared and was never seen again.

About Pat

Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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