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Sexy snowboarding

Yesterday I went snowboarding (ooo…what else is new) and I am getting better, snowboarding can now be stereotyped as being ‘sexy’, nearly as sexy as that volleyball in that ‘Cast away’ movie.

My new Dell computer is arriving on friday, (mmmm new computer). It has cool features such as, I dont freaking remember, but they were good.
I will also be giving a better contribution to this crusty site from my fat ass. Hey!, here in Canada people don’t think i’m fat, they think I am scrawny. Cool eh, I wonder what they would think of Dan Bell who is like 40Kg (no joke). He would be snapped.

14 more hits until there are more Canadian visitors to this site than New Zealanders, I will achieved. Went back to school today and did jack shit, had a PE lesson and then watched a Vietnam film, then buggered off back home. I found out that I have a history provincial exam in two weeks, fucking hell. I havent done any work is that arsebandit of a class.

Having a driving license is cool.

I have a writing block right now, I can usually just ramble about any crap that enters my head but right now I don’t seem to carry that useful ability. I will bitch about girls, I have this strange approach to girls where I always seem to become the ‘friend’ fucking hell. Anyone who knows me reasonably well will know about the “Michele Saga”, where I hung out with this girl for about eight months continously and she finally told me she didn’t like me after I was like her boyfriend (minus the physical part of course) for all that time. Hints that she liked me occurred all the time, like for example
“Hey Pat, wanna sleep over tonight” and in an email she wrote “Wish you were here with me”.
Then she dated some big egyptian guy.

I have just don’t have much luck with girls.
I need to pee

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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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