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Annie’s Email Address

Rod and Annie,
Sittin’ in a tree.

I think her email address is

Have I made love to Kate? No! That crazy bird Dian ruined everything when she tried to molest Kate and cop a feel of her boob. I just comforted Kate and we embraced each other in the dead of the night whispering sweet nothings while her air conditioner spat ice at us (romantic, eh?).

Surely, it must happen soon. I think I love her.

Brunei is not the same without Rod. Today, we sat and did nothing. We talked about cereal, specifically Matt who eats kiddies cereal, like Cocoa Pops. We felt sad for Jess who is stuck in a snow storm in Korea (except for Kate who thought it was ‘cool’). We talked about how annoying it was that Pat kept giving away important bits of movies in his updates without a spoiler warning.

We also talked about organizing a crazy toga party! Scantily clad bodies, vast quantities of alcohol, slammin’ techno soundtrack, grapes and karaoke. But we didn’t get very far at all in planning anything. Crap.

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