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Alive and skipping

After the inevitable admin errors my FATblog permit has been granted and I am ready to blog away til my fingers fall off, or my boss catches me.. probably the latter.

That’s correct my last sentence remarked on the my current paymaster, and due to having one of those it is a fair assumption to make that I have found myself some form of employment. Knowing this lets have a brief check on the ‘new years resolutions’ list:

1) Find a house.  Check.
2) Find a job.  Check.

As things now stand, I can conclude for the first time ever that I have reached those customary targets that we set ourselves every year in drunken hope of bettering our lives. It is now June. What’s next?

Since my relocation to Her Majesty the Queen’s imperial capital my life has been a literal whirlwind. With life being reset it has offered me the opportunity to meet up with old friends, forgotten friends, school friends and far-away friends; allowed me to prance around all parts of the city in search for amusement, whether it be cheap knockdown haggling markets or a secret underground candle-lit wine bar.

I feel alive and free.
I give it 6 more months.


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  1. Nice to see you up and running and blogging once more, duder. And you have income and a roof over your head!

    Still waiting to see Pat blog. So slack :/

  2. 6 more months – then what? No more twickers…

    Edo – its on my to-do-list :)

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