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So i met up with Pat and his canadian posse on Friday night. I took them to Junction because, 1) i’m low on money and 2) its a legendary place. It was so weird catching up with Pat. He’s the EXACT same Pat that i remember but with the strongest canadian accent. Heh. Anyway, we got pretty razzled. His friends like jugs of beer alot. They were all pretty legendary. Walking home i threw Pat into a hedge because he hadn’t seen one in awhile, and its fairly routine here to end up in a bush at some point when on the raz. It was all good. I couldnt meet up with them though on Sunday because the Tubes in my area are gay.

On the walk home after i had left those guys, i bumped into like 20 rude boys hanging around my road. I was too razzled anyway to care, but they were pretty scary. I think they must have been having some sort of crazy car park party. Our street corner seems to attract alot of weirdos. Last night, i heard a load of guys shouting so i assumed it was another street fight, but i took a look out the window anyway and saw this little asian dude waving a bat at these two other guys. And then they ran off, and his car was just left alone in the street. Barry my flatmate comes out and makes some crack about stealing his car so i followed him to see what he would do, but he only went to see if the dude waving the bat was okay. Cuz that makes sense right?! I’m not sure if Barry thinks through things properly or if he just has balls of steel. Anyway it only turned out that the two blokes had tried to leg it without paying their cab fare and he wasnt having any of it.

Yesterday i ended up going out for lunch with Alexis and Stephane. We ended up at Junction. I swear the people who work the bar there must think i’m some big time loser. Anyway, everyone showed up later and we got razzled again. On the way home I decided i wanted to check out Villain’s swanky new flat so we bustled in there. It’s too nice to be for someone like us. Anyway turns out my ex, Joe, was there working with one of Villain’s flatmates. Not cuz it was awkward or anything. Pssh. Anyway, we left and my head nearly got stuck in the elevator. We went on to another pub, the James Joyce, another legendary place i’m not so fond of. And then i went home and crashed on the couch. I watched some documentary about childbirth. I’m not a fan of it. It seemed the women who opted to go for a natural childbirth screamed alot less than those who demanded drugs. I’m saying epidurals…a bit of a joke really.

Tonight, we’re going out. We’re hitting the James Joyce and then our usual club in central, Propaganda. Its been ages since i’ve been so i’m all excited like a silly little girl. This week is all about the raz.

Oh, and my folks get back here next week. Sweet. They’ll buy me stuff. Heh.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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