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I thought I’d get in on the act

Recently due to some good luck everything has been working out well lately. (touch wood)

I got a call from the bank and they hired me as a summer student until i move to Holland. Plus i can still work for my dad when i dont work at the bank so i am rollin in the ciz-ash for the big move next month. Had the first day today, and not only is it the best paying job ever, its the best job i have ever had too. Not only do so many women work there, its so casual and easy to work there. Plus i meet rich investment people that cant be a bad thing. So pat is a happy camper on that side of things.

Scottish relatives arrived from Aberdeen yesterday…man they are so jock like. My uncle works in my garden all day, my auntie just drinks and sits around, and my cousin wheres a man utd shirt with Solskiar on the back and only talks about football. Work, alcohol, and football, what else to scottish do?

Went to this wakeboarding festival called ‘wakefest’ the other day, go figure. It was awesome, Gob and Sloan were playing, and Gob were fucking awesome. Best concert i have seen in a while. Got pretty drunk, had to break up a chick fight as the chick fighting came with me. Psycho bitch. Then we got kicked out and because of psycho girl and went to eat at Wendy’s….mmmm…cheap burgers. Oh yeah not to mention the bikini contest….sooooo hot.

Got my ticket the other day, flying to London on the 27th of August. I was thinking of visiting some people, so whos in London then?….Angela, Rod? Just a night…wont stay too long or anything. Then i have to figure out how to get to Holland from there. Should be interesting…cant wait.

Three weeks til smackdown too.

Played a football match the other night….i love that sport…scored a hat trick…i love scoring hat-tricks.

Anyways…nuff about me…what about you?

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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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