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Sport Is Dangerous For Your Health

So i have decided that i would start up my running again, by running after work 4-times a week… pretty impressive aye! well, that was the plan anyway. Here’s how my first day turned out:

I got all ready for my 5:30 run, tied up the ol’ shoes, put on the legendary short shorts and headed off.. however i mere 10 steps into the run a massive alsation (spl?) dog came charging at me teeth showing… i’m not entirely sure how it happened but somehow subconciously i managed to turn, yell out “holy shit!!” and clean jump a 5ft fence!! my god! i thought that was enough running for one day and so i went back inside.

Massive props to Edo for the “Facist Legacy” dig up… it made me think of those great times when we all lived here (brunei) and life was hella easier. i miss those time big-style. 🙁
Man! the Salt Monkeys rocked SO much ass… All your Salt Monkey worship are belong to us.

I heard some pretty grizzly news today.. the english Gap student whose staying at my house (been here for 4 weeks) is staying til NEXT wednesday… Matt is not impressed… Ok, i’ll explain the situation so i dont sound like a complete ass: This guy (Russel) is a nice guy and everything however we dont have the slightest thing is common! i mean i’m a left wing, war-hateing, sport playing, punk loving, twisted sense of humour sorta kid… whilst he’s a rich, silver-spooned, Nationalistic, RAF wannabe, robbie williams loving kinda guy… it just doesnt mix well. that and of course the fact that i need to have his blessing so we can go and hang with MY friends. But aside from all that he is a generally nice guy… its just hard as hell living/starting conversation with this guy.

I talked to my friend Jen the other day… she come back to brunei next week! we’ve decided that we’re gonna answer the question EVERYONE wants to know.. where is THE BEST chicken rice in the whole of Brunei? this will involve trekking round brunei eating as many chicken rices as possible in a bid to answer this elusive question… it will be well documented. i’ll keep you posted nearer to the time.

I talked to Mike earlier… Man, its gonna be cool having everyone back in brunei next month!!

Love as always.


Posted by Matt @ 08:02 PM AST [Link] [7 comments]

Replies: 7 comments

yes, have to agree with Dee, thien thien is the best chicken rice in brunei.. i would say rejoice is good too .. but i heard there has been cases of roaches being seen arnd the place – havent eaten there since.

Posted by Livie @ 11/07/2003 11:34 PM AST

Yo Dee, i thought u were sick, hehehe chicken rice… awww makes me miss home. bad! i want chicken rice. i tried chicken rice here in toronto,.. at some random place, twas bad – the rice was heated up in the microwave.
anyways how ya all doin? back home in bru matt? daymn i miss home hehehe…

Posted by Aubrey @ 11/07/2003 04:12 AM AST

Best chicken rice in brunei? No need to search. It’s so obviously Thien Thien! Perfection for $3. What more could you ask for.

Posted by Dee @ 11/06/2003 04:15 PM AST

haha gotta love stray dogs in Brunei 😛 and hey… someone told me that dudes name (who I now know to be Russel) was Bruce?!?!! It’s a conspiracy, they just like messing with my mind. haha.

Posted by Faten @ 11/05/2003 11:55 PM AST

Just a phase was supposed to be up till feb 2004, unfortunatly we’ve lost everything because there’s been a constant string of unorganised webmistresses (Me being one of the latest) New site coming sooner than you think people… possible site (/angels maybe) so i’ll tell when its up again

Posted by Jen @ 11/05/2003 01:11 AM AST

Doesn’t Just-a-Phase hosting last until February 2004? That means one month of online time again and then kaput once more.

Posted by Dan @ 11/04/2003 10:09 PM AST

That link isn’t much good any more dude. Zara tells me the site will be down until at least January.

So no more Heavenly Angels for a while. 🙁

Posted by Edo @ 11/04/2003 09:43 PM AST

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