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Yamazaki 12 Yr Old

DISTILLERY Suntory Yamazaki

TYPE Single Malt


REGION Shimamoto, Osaka

COLOR Dark honey

NOSE Sweet scent, honey and apricots.

PALATE Modest and rather subtle.  Not as sweet as you’d expect.  It’s a mellow blend of grain, cinnamon and oak.

FINISH Incredibly long aftertaste that is full bodied and warming.  Lingering taste of oak, dried fruit and salt.


90 out of 100

NOTES Ah, the Yamazaki.  This particular bottle that I’ve photographed here I actually received as a farewell gift from my colleagues at my old Service Centre job which I think was a really generous gesture from them.  It’s a lovely drop.  A subtle flavour that can really be brought out with a dash of water and savoured for its long legs.

Many years ago it was presumed that overseas single malt whiskies couldn’t possible compare with the Scottish establishment.  It was only through strong performances at blind taste testings and a flurry of international whisky awards for brands such as the Yamazaki that popularized Japanese whisky in the international market.  And why not?  The particular region in the outskirts of Kyoto is famous for the purity of its water and you can really appreciate it with this 12 year old.

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